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Where does your business or team stand? Ask yourself…

  1. Do I have a clear vision for my organization or team?

  2. I have incredible talent on my team, but how do I manage it?

  3. How do I improve overall leadership within my team?

  4. I have questions on how to build a better workplace.

  5. How do I bring more passion and optimism into the workplace?

  6. How do I dictate the look, sound, and feel of my team and business?

What is your culture like right now?

What would your ideal culture look like, sound like, feel like? How do people feel about themselves in your presence? Create a culture where people feel like they can be themselves and produce optimal results for your group or team.

  • Identify identity
  • Live true to your values
  • Communicate your culture and values
  • Execute your “game plan”
  • Replicate and improve leadership

Three keys to build a championship culture:

  • Culture must be your #1 priority

  • Be a role model for what you want your culture to become

  • Become a master connector & communicator


Four reasons why your culture matters:



Team members look forward to engaging with the team on a daily basis.


Other team members' success feels as good or better than your own success.


Every team member feels a part of something bigger than themselves.


Long-term success and bottom-line results can only be reached through creating a championship culture.

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I first worked with Travis during a leadership retreat as a sophomore in college. Not only did the content of the retreat have a big impact on my teammates and I, my personal conversations with Travis, riding in the car to and from the retreat, had a big role in shaping the kind of leader and person I wanted to be.

Zane BeadlesUtah Utes Football, Denver Broncos

A huge part of why my team had a historic, record-setting year in college football was because we attended T-Man’s Leadership retreat before the season.

Stevenson SylvesterUtah Utes Football, Pittsburg Steelers

The work of Travis Anderson and CultureBuilders played a significant role in the development and ultimate success of the Megadyne Operations team in meeting overall strategic business objectives during my 11-year tenure at the company.

Dave ShimkusVice President, Operations at Megadyne Medical Products, Inc.

Travis is an expert in his field, better yet he truly understands how to help take a business to the next level through effective culture building. Our business has seen real, measurable results after having worked with him.

Josh WebberCo-Founder, Big Red Jelly

I believe my college teammates and I enjoyed many wins and an undefeated season over the three years we worked with Travis, in large part because of the work we did with him.

Zane BeadlesUtah Utes Football, Denver Broncos

Qualities and tactics we learned helped us endure some of the toughest times. I carry those fundamental qualities in my business today! Cannot thank T-Man enough.

Stevenson SylvesterUtah Utes Football, Pittsburg Steelers

We developed as men, teammates, sons, husbands, boyfriends, and fathers just as much as we did as football players. Because of the impact Travis and his work had on me, I worked with the Denver Broncos organization to bring Travis in for two more leadership retreats with my teammates and I.

Zane BeadlesUtah Utes Football, Denver Broncos

I highly recommend Travis Anderson and CultureBuilders for any organization seeking to achieve significant levels of organizational effectiveness. His team building and leadership expertise was truly a force multiplier for us while leveraging a newly formed cadre of “raw” manufacturing team leaders during a critical company growth period.

Dave ShimkusVice President, Operations at Megadyne Medical Products, Inc.

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