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Denver Broncos

Franklin Covey

The University of Utah

But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients are saying.

I first worked with Travis during a leadership retreat as a sophomore in college. Not only did the content of the retreat have a big impact on my teammates and I, my personal conversations with Travis, riding in the car to and from the retreat, had a big role in shaping the kind of leader and person I wanted to be.

Zane BeadlesUtah Utes Football, Denver Broncos

A huge part of why my team had a historic, record-setting year in college football was because we attended T-Man’s Leadership retreat before the season.

Stevenson SylvesterUtah Utes Football, Pittsburg Steelers

Travis is an expert in his field, better yet he truly understands how to help take a business to the next level through effective culture building. Our business has seen real, measurable results after having worked with him.

Josh WebberCo-Founder, Big Red Jelly

I believe my college teammates and I enjoyed many wins and an undefeated season over the three years we worked with Travis, in large part because of the work we did with him.

Zane BeadlesUtah Utes Football, Denver Broncos

Qualities and tactics we learned helped us endure some of the toughest times. I carry those fundamental qualities in my business today! Cannot thank T-Man enough.

Stevenson SylvesterUtah Utes Football, Pittsburg Steelers

We developed as men, teammates, sons, husbands, boyfriends, and fathers just as much as we did as football players. Because of the impact Travis and his work had on me, I worked with the Denver Broncos organization to bring Travis in for two more leadership retreats with my teammates and I.

Zane BeadlesUtah Utes Football, Denver Broncos

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